What started out as a quality yet affordable fishing sunglasses range soon evolved into a brand that’s suitable for any outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure. We added to our range by designing other frames and lenses to suit the needs of all the walkers, hikers, runners and cyclists that started wearing Belisimo Active sunglasses. This is how we got to our Sport and Leisure range.

‘Belisimo’. It’s one of those Italian words that every English person says with a slight accent. Now that you’ve said ‘Belisimo’ with that accent let’s get into the meaning of the word.

‘Belisimo’ means "most beautiful", "gorgeous", “great” or “awesome”. Belisimo Active is the brand that takes you, the outdoor enthusiast, on a ‘most beautiful’ adventure. Maybe you’re looking to take your dog for a walk on the beach or you’re finally getting to summit that mountain to tick something off your bucket list. Whatever your adventure may be, Belisimo Active adds to the event by providing you with sunglasses that’ll help you make the most of your experience.

From the UV protection you need while strolling through the outdoor markets, or the polarization that allows for visual penetration into the water, to the high definition lenses needed to help you carefully choose your next move running or riding down a mountain. Whatever your eyewear needs may be, Belisimo Active has considered it and then designed it, to give you more out of each life experience outdoors.

Have a look at our Product Page to get the details of how our sunglasses offer great value. We pride ourselves on producing superior quality glasses at competitive prices.

"Quality eyewear that’s affordable for all outdoor enthusiasts!"