Our Ambassadors

Mike Bester

Meet ‍Michael Bester, otherwise known as the "unlikely Kenyan". Mike earned this title after putting on excellent performances both on-road and off-road. He's well-liked and respected for being an absolute gentleman. When you see him on the road or on a trail he'll pass you with a smile as he politely asks to pass on your right. His diligence both in his work and home life, as well as his love for the outdoors, makes him the perfect ambassador for Belisimo Active. Mike's wife Bianca, who bakes with even more flair than with which Mike runs, is his biggest fan and supporter.

Mike's most notable achievements include:
  • Completing a full Ironman in 2014
  • Placing 6th overall at the Aspen Marathon in December 2018
  • Winning the Dryland Traverse Solo Men's division in 2017

He's favourite pair of running glasses are the Belisimo Active - Maco Red. Mike's worn these so consistently while running, that people have started requesting "Mike's glasses" in stores. Give Mike a follow on Instagram on @mikerunningbester

Craig Le Roux

Meet Craig Le Roux. The fisherman who is better known as "BoomBoom" for his crazy ability to hit a golf ball like former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi's 6's.

Craig is greatly respected in the fishing community for his amazing fishing skills. He enjoys all the variations of fishing - rock and surf, estuary and offshore with lures. He spends most of his time trying to catch beautiful Yellowtail and Cob, but never stops trying to improve his techniques or his ability to catch the fish he loves. Craig is more than a fisherman and golfer though. He also represented his province in hockey and bodyboarding during his school career. As a true South African, BoomBoom is married with two kids and loves living an active life under the African sun. When not being active, you'll find him on the other end of a braai grid. BoomBoom enjoys a range of Belisimo Active Sunglasses while fishing. He moves between our Active and Lifestyle range but found that the Sport range blocks out a lot more light, which we all know is better when looking for that catch.

Give BoomBoom a follow on Insta @boomboomsa if you're looking to keep an eye on his fishing or if you're just looking for some entertainment.

Dane Sweet

Meet Dane Sweet aka Turbo Dwarf. We first met Dane on his second attempt at finishing the Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 miler this year - 2019. Belisimo Active had his back while he crossed the finish well before cut off. For those of you that don't know, this event is known as one of the worlds more challenging 100 milers Kudos to Dane for running for 32 consecutive hours through the Addo Elephant Park. What a legend!

Dane is also the co-founder and creator of Ultrarunning SA, alongside Ronald Reeves. This is an organization that aims to grow the sport by sharing informative and inspiring content. If you're new to the sport or just want to see what ultra-trial running is all about then you NEED to get in touch with these guys. Follow their Facebook page @ultrarunningsa to be kept up to date on all scheduled South African Ultra Trail Marathons. You can also Subscribe to Dane Sweet's YouTube Channel to also see some awesome ultra-trail running footage.

Dane's love for trail running and his passion for outdoor living made him the obvious athlete to get onboard as a Belisimo Active Ambassador. Dane alternates between his Raptors and Marques Green on the trail. It all depends on if he needs the Raptors high definition lens for some quick choices on technical trails or polarization on less technical but high light areas.

Ronald Reeves

Here is the other Ultrarunning SA master mind – Ronald Reeves aka Ronnie. Ronnie is a beast of an athlete. His mental and physical strength is not easily matched. This combined with his fearless determination make him a serious force to be reckoned with. We expecting great things from this ultra-running athlete.

What we love most about Ronnie is that is he defies the common thought of an athlete can only be as good as his athletic history. Coming from an unhealthy eating and lazy lifestyle Ronnie is now competing amongst the best in the Eastern Cape. After drinking 4 liters of Coke a day, eating 12 sandwiches, take-aways and then also dinner, Ronnie could no longer untie his shoelaces. When his dad then also got diagnosed with diabetes, he decided it was time. Time to make a change! This decision was made in October 2016 and by June 2019 he'd finished the Addo Elephant 100-miler twice, won the Great Zuurberg 3 day stage Trail Run 2019 and came eighth at the Merrel Hobbit 90km Trail run and third at the Kleinrivier Trail Run both in 2019. WHAT A CHAMP!

Ronnie Rocks his Raptors and Marques Blues on and off the trails.

Jacques van Eck

Meet Jacques, usually referred to as “that ninja guy” by anyone who has trained with him. Jacques is an expert self-defense and tactical instructor. He has trained in Israel with Krav Maga Global to become a G2 level instructor as well as being a fully trained firearms instructor with International Firearm Training Academy (ITA) and the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC). When he’s not training others, he can be found on the shooting range honing his skills or participating in local sports shooting competitions.

Jacques’ favourite place is in the bush and the great outdoors. In his free time he can be found strolling on the beach with his wife or enjoying the simple life on his farm. Let’s just say if you left him in the middle of nowhere with just a knife, he would be totally happy.

Whether he’s on the range shooting or instructing a hand-to-hand combat course, Jacques is rocking his Marques Blue sunglasses to give him clear vision even when he is transitioning between sun and shade! On his days off he wears the timelessly stylish Roxy.

You can check out his ninja skills on http://instagram.com/kravmagasouthafrica or http://facebook.com/vngrdkravmaga